I’m Marco Viale, freelance Composer and Sound Designer based in Switzerland. I’ve been working for almost two decades in the music industry and a decade as sound designer for short movies, documentaries, advertising and 3D animations.
I built my profession through a long time collaboration with record labels such as CNI, and with production companies such as Polivideo SA and Swiss television (RSI).

Understanding, sensibility, involvement and experience are what make the difference when it comes to a product that tells a story. The understanding amongst the various professionals involved in the project, the sensibility of each one of them to perceive the directors vision, the capacity to feel emotionally involved for a common goal and the experience that each professional brings are essential conditions for the success of a music project. The most brilliant ideas remain nothing if it never becomes a reality.


Music has always been a passion for me, and for the past twenty years much hard work and effort has gone into music as a professional. Years in which I’ve produced several disc collaborations as a composer, an arranger and finally as a Sound Engineer. When I transferred to Switzerland in 2005, I began working as a Sound Designer for Polivideo, followed by RSI. Today, after twenty years of experience in the audiovisual field, I handle both music and music editing for movies and documentaries.


Sound is a fundamental part of an audiovisual product. So fundamental, that when underestimated, it can actually compromise its success. Therefore, it is crucial that a professional handles the soundtrack of any project in the recording phase, when necessary, and in the post production phase.

Each project is unique and represents a new challenge every time for the experts involved. Experience, passion, and attention to detail are fundamental elements for its success. The initial analysis of the ideas and the discussion of the potential solutions are also important.