Music is a stunning sonic experience with a strong narrative power. Music is a matter of infinitive tastes, tones, colors, emotions. The sound and tone quality allows a kind of magic, always.

When composing a soundtrack it is not permitted to use music whose rights you haven’t purchased for, not even use classical music widely considered in the public domain. Anyone can consult music libraries as well as numerous catalogues found online but fully aware of its poor quality. The best option becomes to contact a musician, preferably owner of a recording studio, able to compose an original track apt to the required context. This way you can be sure to have all property rights and get an original and exclusive musical piece.

Sound Avenue is in contact with a network of many years experienced musicians and owns the best available instruments for recording and producing music. Sound Avenue creates music for commercials, documentaries and movies. A wide sound space is at disposal with acoustic instruments, analog synth and virtual tools.

” Music speaks a language with many dialects ”

Robert Fripp