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Sound Design

Sound Design tends to recreate outdoor geographic environments into audiovisual products and deals with the reconstruction of all audible actions..


Music is a stunning sonic experience with a strong narrative power. Music is a matter of infinitive tastes, tones, colors, emotions..

Audio Branding

Many medium-sized companies still lose considerable potential through the use of unsuitable music or sounds..

About me

I’m a freelance Sound Designer and Composer. I’ve been working for almost two decades in music field and since 2005 as sound designer collaborating with production companies such as Polivideo SA and Swiss television (RSI) in short movies, documentaries, advertising and 3D animations.

The passion for music has always been there and during these past years I’ve been also producing several works as composer, arranger and finally as a Sound Designer and thanks to this experience in the audiovisual field I could be concerned with both music composition and music editing for movies and documentaries.

Understanding, sensibility, involvement and experience are what make the difference for the realisation of a product that tells a story: the understanding among the various professionals involved in the project, the sensibility of each one of them to perceive the movie directors vision, the involvement to feel emotionally united for a common goal and the experience brought by every professional. These are the essential conditions of the success of a project. The most brilliant idea remain nothing if it never becomes a reality.

Sound is a fundamental part of an audiovisual product. So fundamental, that when underestimated, it can actually compromise its success. Therefore, it is crucial that a professional handles the soundtrack of any project in the recording phase, when necessary, and in the post production phase.

Each project is unique and represents a new challenge every time for the experts involved. Experience, passion, and attention to detail are fundamental elements for its success. The initial analysis of the ideas and the discussion of the potential solutions are also important.

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