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Sound Design

Sound Design foresees the reconstruction of outdoor geographic environments for audiovisual products..

Sound Branding

Many medium-sized companies still give away considerable potential through the use of unsuitable and mismatched music and sounds…


Music is a sound experience with strong narrative power. Music is a question of taste, tone, infinitive colour and emotions..

Sound Avenue di Marco Viale Original Music and Sound Design

About me

I’m Marco Viale, freelance Composer and Sound Designer based in Switzerland. I’ve been working for almost two decades in the music industry and a decade as sound designer for short movies, documentaries, advertisigns and 3D animations.
I built my profession through a long time collaboration with record labels such as CNI, and with production companies such as Polivideo SA and Swiss television (RSI).
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Sound Avenue: a long road through twenty years

It all began by chance, it all began with a fortunate encounter of two aspiring musicians. A singer and songwriter of Salient folk music and an instrumental electronic music composer, me. I say fortunate because a little more than two years after we met, we signed with a record label. That record label was none other than the CNI independent record label, who promoted folk music with a touch of electronic sounds like Almanegretta or the Agricantus just to name a few. And just like that, from aspiring music artists, we had become music professionals, or at least that’s what it seemed to be. Thus was born the project of Nidi d’Arac.

That event marked the beginning of a long journey dedicated to music and to sound, but it also crowned a dream, which was to be able to dedicate myself to music and sound. (Really fortunate!)

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