Sound Design foresees the reconstruction of outdoor geographic environments for audiovisual products, the sound reconstruction of actions using the Foley technique or by using extensive sound libraries in case what was recorded live is unable to be used, adjusting live dialogues or studio dubbing, the final mixing of outdoor sounds, dialogue and music.

Sound Avenue studio guaranties the best in quality in all post production aspects and the ebu r128 standard specifics for television broadcasting products.

The biggest challenge for a sound designer is to produce sound for 3D animation and advertising. As a matter of fact, there are no sounds that come directly from the movie set, nor the recording of the various surroundings in the places where the actions are being fulfilled. Each sound, each detail, each surrounding needs to be made artificially. Each time, one must invent sounds that don’t even exist, like the sound of a space ship or the sound of an ants footsteps. It’s a job that requires a big investment in terms of time.